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My family and I want to go to as many places as we can… well, at least while my kids aren’t married yet; so just recently, I decided to start writing about restaurants that we will eat in and people we will meet from the different places that we will visit. The first place we went to was very nice that I took so many pictures of it (and of us… of course? ) … that’s when I had the desire to build a site and start blogging.

My posts aren’t really reviews… they are simply additional facts about the food we enjoy eating, the restaurants we want to check out, the beautiful resorts, beaches, and countries we will go to, and the friendly people we will meet along the way… therefore, you won’t see so much ‘negative stuff’ and you’ll rarely (or maybe, not even) come across the phrase ‘what I didn’t like was’… since I will only be writing about WHAT WE LIKE.

Two goals motivated me to build this website — one is to be able to give as much information as I can about the Who, the Where, the What, the DOs and DON’Ts, and the How Much about food, places, and people, and the other is to encourage my readers to spend time with their loved ones and friends by going to places they haven’t been to.

I hope that this site will give you ideas on where to spend your vacation, celebrate an important event, or simply hang out. I hope, too, that my blog posts will give you the details that you’ll need in planning for your next party or trip.