Nagsasa Cove Camping Trip

Nagsasa Cove

Before I start sharing about our awesome Nagsasa Cove camping trip… please allow me first to clarify that when we went there a couple of days ago — July 6 – 7 — the weather condition in the area was already good — no more storm signals whatsoever, typhoon Gorio has left the Philippine area of responsibility, and the water in the beaches of Pundaquit and its nearby islands was very calm.

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Camara Island ‘Photo Album’

Like I mentioned in my Nagsasa Cove post, island hopping was part of our 700PHP / head package and the first island we visited was Camara. We could stay for an hour to explore and swim… but swimming wasn’t part of our plan… well, not yet. Edgy, my husband, and Ice, my son, had fun climbing the rocks, while the rest of us enjoyed our ‘photo shoot’ πŸ˜›

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